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Portable Generator
Rotor / Stator
Resistance Tables

Contains over 125 pages and loaded with illustrated graphics on Briggs & Stratton Portable Generator Rotor / Stator Resistance Tables.

Same manual as used by Authorized Briggs & Stratton Service Centers.

This is the Newest available Portable Generator Rotor / Stator Resistance Tables by Briggs & Stratton.

Table of Contents

General Information
Rotor Removal
Stator Schematics

    Restoring Residual Magnetism:
Checking rotor resistance
Checking stator windings:
Testing a single voltage type power winding:
Testing dual voltage type power windings
Testing the Excitation (DPE) Windings
     Battery Charge Windings
Testing battery charge windings:
Bypassing the Voltage Regulator or Bridge Rectifier Test
Test 1 - Check Winding Outputs
Test 2 - Rotor Current Draw Test
Test Results
Troubleshooting Generators with Two-Board Regulation For No AC Output
Test 1 - Isolate the System Control Board
Test 2 - Testing the Excitation input
Test 3 - Bypassing the Power Regulator Board

Part #: 87971GS

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