TECUMSEH Carburetor Identification, Troubleshooting and Service Manual

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Carburetor Identification,
Troubleshooting and Service


Manual Covers:
All types of carburetors including Walbro and Tillotson carburetors found on Tecumseh 2 & 4 cycle engines.

Contains 38 Pages and Loaded with Color photos and illustrations of all types of carburetors found on Tecumseh engines 2 & 4 cycle.

Same manual as used by Authorized Tecumseh Service Centers.

This is the Newest Carburetor Identification, Troubleshooting and Service Manual available by Tecumseh.


  1. General Information
  2. Fuel Recommendations
  3. Storage
  4. High Altitude Carburetors Kits
  5. Throttle Control Brackets, Governors, and RPM adjustments
  6. How to Identify a Tecumseh Carburetor
  7. Non-Tecumseh Carburetors
  8. Emission Carburetors
  9. Pre-Sets and Adjustments
10. Troubleshooting Carburetion Chart
11. Troubleshooting Tecumseh Carburetor
12. Troubleshooting Carburetion TC Series Chart
13. Troubleshooting Walbro and Tillotson
14. Metering System
15. Service Carburetor Information
16. Using the Computer Parts Look up System
17. Float adjustment Procedure
18. Carburetor Service Tips
19. Primer Bulb Service
20. Fuel Filters
21. Internal Atmospheric Vent Passage
22. Failure Analysis

Part #: 695907

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